Leasing is one of two main car financing options available and is one that you may want to consider. Leasing is great for drivers interested in purchasing a new Chevy vehicle, but don't want the long-term commitment that comes with a loan. Here are a few interesting facts about leasing a new car.

  • Lease terms tend to last for about three years
  • Leases tend to have lower monthly payments than loans
  • You'll most likely spend less on insurance, tax, and registration fees with a lease
  • At the end of your lease, you can choose to buy your leased car if you've fallen in love
  • You can lease most of the new Chevy models in our showroom
  • You can negotiate the leasing terms with our finance team

If you'd like to learn more about leasing a new Chevy vehicle, feel free to contact our Mike Maroone Chevrolet South dealership today!

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