If you're excited to hit the slopes, you're not alone. But before you make the trek to your favorite snow-covered peak, visit Mike Maroone Chevrolet South. Our experts will perform the pre-winter maintenance you need to attack the slopes confidently.

Services to Keep You Moving

The cold weather does more than make your breath visible. It impacts your vehicle's performance and can make the roads more treacherous. You should perform several key services before the weather breaks, and the snow begins falling in earnest.

  • Oil Change - The cold weather slows the flow of your oil, causing your engine to work harder to pump it. Before this leads to devastating effects, let our experts replace your oil and filter so that you can roam peacefully.
  • Tire Replacement - Look at your tire treads. Are they a little uneven? The icy roads can be dangerous. We'll put fresh tires on your ride so that you can travel confidently.
  • Fluid Replacement - Your car requires more than oil to run. We'll inspect, top up, or replace your fluids so that your vehicle has what it needs to keep you moving towards your destination.

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